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Skate Invasion: Ithaca Skate Jam 2016

It’s been a 5 year tradition for Ontario longboarders to head down to the Ithaca, NY for the Comet Skateboards Ithaca Skate Jam. Comet Skateboards and the City of Ithaca close down a main road in middle of the city and let the skaters go wild. Skate parks are set up and super smooth buttery pavement is there for you to skid your wiggle boards all day. The Jah vibes are playing so loud that sun will always break the clouds and love will be embraced us all at the Ithaca Skate Jam.

Feature Image: Mayor Svante Myrick wishing peaceful vibes and blessings at the Ithaca Skate Jam.


The first day now start at Comets Skateboards shred city for a meet, greet and skate. This bowl is not an easy shred! I was owned pretty quickly in the bowl and had to sit back to enjoy the mind blowing, shred tastic, night of steeze and destruction. Lucky for me, I enjoy taking skate photos and drinking cheap ass American beer.

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If Big Dave Tannaci is not your spirit animal, you’re in skateboarding for all the wrong reason.

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Kai Monroe aka Yung Bounce going for the kill all night.

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Boss man and Owner of Comet Skateboards Jason Salfi getting some.

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Brian Peck is a style god. Be like Brian Peck.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_006 copy

Mc Lovin my life getting up there with the gnarly board slide.


Skate Invader queen of the bowl Chantel Hill slaying for the ladies.

Day 2

The Ithaca skate Jam has progressed in many different setup, styles of riding and locations over the years. This years focus was a style for everyone to enjoy. You can hit the ramps on the way down the hill and enjoy some skids on the straight or turn left into a d.i.y skate park. They even shut down the hill this year for one hour to let all new people to skate explore and have others show them how to skate. There is no competition other than having the best time ever.

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Tim Smith sending it to outer space all day long!

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Buffalo hill in all its glory.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_009 copy

Eric Jensen laying down the style in the skate park.

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Husband and wife, Jason Salfie and Katie put in many hours into this event.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_014 copy

Dexter Manning sucking up the Jah vibes.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_015 copy

Skate Invader Shawn Thomas Prier surfing out the steeze.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_016 copy

Tim Smith also laying down some thane.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_017 copy

Stoked groms, the real hero’s of every ithaca slide jam.

Day 3

The Mids Outlaw hosted by Geoff Chapel was back again this year and was off the hook. This fun little run made for an interesting day of grips and sticks, skids and flips. Team Ontario was heavy on the turn out, which made for an all homie podium feat Edward Kiefer.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_018 copy

Dexter Manning leading the pack in practice.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_020 copy

Shawn Thomas Prier just a head of Ed Kiefer as team Ontario sneaks in behind.


Skate Invaders Eric Mroz leading the pack finsih with a sold 4th place for the day.


Tim Smith taking that inside line.

Jonathannuss_2016_skateslateithaca_021 copy

Dexter Manning holding strong for the win on the final heat.


Dexter Manning 1st, Edward Kiefer 2nd, Shawn Thomas Prier 3rd and Eric Mroz with a solid 4th place.

Ithaca is always a blast!! Huge thanks to Comet Skateboards and the city of Ithaca for support this event and east coast skateboarding. We hope to back back every year.

Bonus Photos can be seen here