Bustin Boards Skate Everything Project: Ditch Slap – Winning Videos

Last week, our team decided to kick-off our first Skate Everything Project challenge of 2016 at one of our favorite annual events, Ditch SLAP, in Albuquerque New Mexico. The concept of our Skate Everything Project events are to inspire and promote skaters thinking outside of the box, get them trying new moves and styles of riding, give them some $$, as well as promote a universal and open vibe within skateboarding culture. With the help of our team riders William Royce, Josh Dunn—and SLAP organizer Joe Lehm too—we came up with a fun list of tasks for the registers Ditch SLAP event skaters to do, of which, the participants had to film one of their team members doing the tasks, post them to Instagram, and tag and add the appropriate hashtags. At the end of the challenge we had $500 cash to give to the winning team. Ultimately, the judging was focused on completion of the above, as well as a strong emphasis on Style, Creativity, and Smiles.

Without a doubt, everyone ripped so hard during this first Skate Everything Project challenge! The resulting videos were epic as you see here! In the end it came down to two teams: Sk8 Bus & Skate School Santa Fe, and the judges—upon suggestion of William Royce—opted to split the money down the middle since both teams completed the challenge perfectly with style and smiles to boot.

Anyway, here’s the two winning videos. Check them out and stay tuned for many more of our Skate Everything Project events & challenges popping up all over the place this year and beyond. Thanks again to all the skaters who participated and a huge thanks to Joe and the entire Ditch SLAP crew for hosting yet another amazing skateboarding event.

Film/Team: Skate School Santa Fe
Skaters: James West, Sean Stratmeyer, Ashley Ward, and James Tracey.
Edit: David Ruano
Music: “Burgars Barlog” by Mascara

Film/Team: Sk8 Bus
Skaters: Brandon Tissen, Casey Morrow, Neena Schueller , William Royce, David Rudgers, Patrick Haluska, Longbeardo, and other homies too.
Edit: David Ruano
Music: “City in Ruins” by Mascara

Full details on Bustin’s website here.