Skate Invasion: The Lifestyle of Flatspot Longboards

Flatspot Longboards is more than your average shop. They’re community leaders who help produce sanctioned events, outlaw races, bowl jams, have a skate team, house visiting and resident riders, and promote smart and safe skating the the Vancouver community. [If you’re in the area check out their weekly Learn to Stop sessions!]


This Spring, Flatspot longboards and Skate Slate beamed me across the universe and into the heart and soul of downtown Vancouver’s chinatown and around the happenings of the Coast Longboarding scene. My mission was to observe the local skate culture, invade the local parkades, visit some events, skate, and have one hell of raging bowl party with freakin lasers. You can see some of my photos and a story from the Salt Spring Slip & Slide in the new issue of Skate Slate Magazine issue 29 as well.


Highspotter Andy Grant getting shreddy on Flatspots backyeard D.I.Y. barrier.


Trade in your old helmet and get a discount on a new one. I supported this movement and hung my old unsafe lid.


Backroom comunity art and couch I many have crashed on.

Above Flatspot lies highspot a place and home of local skaters, team riders, friends and skate travelers. After years of a similar crew, a new look is upon highspot as of late and I was there for the unfolding. I spent my first night cutting and drilling things till 6am with my hosts. A warm sense of family was in the air as we worked on future improvements.


Troy Grenier building the new bunk beds from visions of his mind.


Highspots new main room and skate travlers dream come true.

Beside skateboarding Flatspot is also a leader in promoting skate art, culture and music. As a music producer, dj, shirt designer/printer and skater, I’ve been given the opportunity to host my talents with all kinds of art, but one of my favourites are the crazy ass bowl jams. It was turnt up night of pushing air, skateboards, beers and most importantly the freakin lasers!


Flatspot denzien Mischa Chandler and Merican family regular Cameron Frazier mean muggin with the freakin lasers.


Local team rider Sho Ouellette getting stylish in the bowl.


Onterrible and Van bring forth a new generation.


Omen Longboards Bad Dad Nate Blackburn and Nwest Media Monkey of team #mobileruckus Merica unjoying the lasers.


Former Highspotter now living highlife Aidan Lynds getting gnar in the bowl.


Team Comet Skateboards of Eric Jensen, McLovin, and Chantel Hill always down for a bowl jam.


Flatspot faithful Olivier Bashonga and Team Asia turn it up to 11 !!


Olivier Bashonga getting switch pitted in the bowl.


Shop grom team rider Harlen Terjesen getting slashy.

Video footage of the invasion:

Huge thanks to Flatspot longboards and Skate Slate for giving me the opunity to Invade the crap out of the downtown Vancouver scene. Be sure to check out the parkades photos and video here.

Thanks to everyone who came out and shredded. Check out more photos from my visit on Flatspot’s blog here. Till next year keep watching the sky for the next Skate Invasion.


Want to Join Flatspot for some fun. Head out to Coast Longboarding’s Danger Bay presented by Landyachtz this weekend or join the Britannia Classic presented by Flatspot Longboards next weekend May 27th.