Free Wheel Co. Drops the Gold Standard Formula

Free Wheel Co. has been redeveloping the Gold Standard Formula over the course of the last year in order to make the FreeDUMBS and FreeWILLIES even better for 2016. We sat down with the team and figured out that some of the old Gold wheels were under performing when it came to consistency, and we worked together to update and improve one of our premier wheel formulas that FREE WHEEL CO. has to offer. So we made some changes to the shapes of the wheels, as well as updated the formula to be a more consistent and reliable urethane for riders, and work towards making an even better product.

The major change that we made was to completely start from scratch and build a new formula with the properties that we wanted in a fun freeride wheel. We set out to make a thane dumping, intuitive formula that would react the same at low speeds as it did at high speeds, and would provide immediate feedback when drifting, and would break traction reliably and consistently all the way to the core. The New Gold Standard Formula is easy to identify with its clear new look and bright blue core. This gives the wheel a green-ish hue in the right light, but don’t be mistaken, these wheels are still going to leave big bright yellow thane lines all the way to their end. The new formula is incredibly easy to slide and comes pre-broken in on both shapes to make sliding this wheel a dream right out of the package. The new properties of the Gold Standard make them feel the same across most pavement types, and allow the user to push out big slides in dangerous locations without the fear of the wheels breaking free at a different point then the slide before.


One of the things that we noticed as we used the old shapes of the gold standard formula was that the lips would start to become coned and flexible as the urethane depth was reduced, and eventually the wheel would feel rather “lippy” and would start to catch and hang-up on rough pavement and would preload and release at different points during slides, which would sometimes lead to some very wild slides and a less then ideal “kick out” point. To fix this we updated the shapes of the Willies and Dumbs to shapes that feature a flatter interior lip which reduces the chance for unexpected hook-ups and high-sides. By making a thicker inner lip the urethane does not flex as much on the inside of the wheel which makes the wheel easier to push out and control during slides regardless of speed, because it minimizes the effect the shape has over the slide, and focuses on how the urethane works with the pavement, and promotes a very controllable slide because of this. Which is what we set out to accomplish initially, a wheel shape and urethane formula that are predictable all the time and geared towards freeriding and sliding smooth during any situation.


The Gold Standard Formula is in stock now, and is shipping to retailers around the world. We have been hyping them up and are excited to be able to share these Golden Orbs with the universe.

More info at FreeWheelCo.com