Skate Invasion: Behind the article Wet Cold & Salty

Now that Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29 is out, I wanted to share more of my experience and not just a couple photos. This issue features my trip out west to the Salt Spring Outlaw Slip n’ Slide AKA Wet Cold and Salty.


Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29

Down below is behind the scenes video of the raw action of my photographs from the weekend and some B-side photos that there wasn’t space for. I’ve spent a lot of time at events, but this was definitely a unique experience.

Invade the video:

Explore the b-side photographs of my trip out to the Salt Spring Slip’n’Slide.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_2_0002 copy

The Skate Invasion also starts with Car full of smelly skaters.

067 copy

Brown Town Riley Brown finding that inside dirt line on the Bonus path race.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_2_0004 copy

Shaun The Thuglessless plays bouncer to keep riders out for the danger wall that lives beside of the opening path.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0022 copy

Danny Carlson surfing by the concrete wall.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_2_0007 copy

Ben looks innocent, but do not feed the locals, they will hump your leg.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0025 copy

Mack Wacey deep into fog on the slasher.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0036 copy

Danny, Aidan, Mack, Nick

A giant salty crash always leads into an epic wet push off. Danny Carlson stayed out front and took the win.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0027 copy

L2R: Jenia Mile, Mack Wacey, Danny Carlson, Aidan Lynds, Nick Jean, Ben the Cyclist.

Slasher final podium after police called final run.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0028 copy

Bhakti James killing it all day for the ladies.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0029 copy

Wet and salty was a very acrurate sub discription of this event. Someone that looks like Hugh sneaks by Ryan K doing some mid run yoga.

Editor’s Note: Rider in Hugh’s leather is Coast homie Julian Johnson.

Skateslate_2016_jonathannuss_slaltspringslipandslide_0031 copy

Skating real close with Aidan Lynds seemed to be the other theme of the weekend. OG ripper Nick Jean keeps it tight.


Final heat with Mack just sneaking past Aidan for the win on this hill.


Final podium on a salty weekend. Aidan took the win over all after an epic win on 9 person chinese downhill; Then Mack The Wacey Goes; Nick Jean; and Danny Carlson.

Big thanks to Skate Slate and Flatspot longboards for getting me out to BC to document the local scene. Thanks to everyone at Salt Spring and the Coast longboard scene for making this stranger feel like family. Check out my article on the Flatspot Longboards Lifestyle here and get yer butt to BC for some endless good times.


Check out Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29 out now for more funny stories and epic photographs!!!