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Erik Lundberg Joins Moonshine MFG

Erik Lundberg not only has a new world speed record reported by Redbull, Erik has also joined Moonshine MFG too!

Moonshine MFG is pleased to bring longboarding legend Erik Lundberg on-board its list of elite team athletes.


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The 29-year old Swedish native and former downhill World Champion is among the most recognized and respected riders in the sport. He brings a wealth of experience and raw talent to the Moonshine MFG team, which has grown steadily in caliber since the brand launched in late 2014.

“Erik Lundberg is the quality and class of rider that every brand wants representing them and putting their gear to the test,” said Brain Trullinger, Moonshine MFG factory president. “The fact that he sees a future with Moonshine says a lot about our brand and the quality of boards we produce. Last year we welcomed Emily Pross to the Moonshine family. With Erik, that makes two world champions who believe in our unique product enough take it to the world stage.”

Erik breaking the speed record. © Emma Daigle

Erik breaking the speed record. © Emma Daigle

Erik just dropped a new World Speed record! Details here.

Lundberg is known as an all-around badass in the downhill world who can shred any course you put in front of him. In 2007 he won the International Gravity Sports Association (ISGA) Downhill World Champion and remains a threat in every race he attends.

“I’m excited to see what the future holds,” he said after joining the team. “Moonshine MFG is an exciting brand with a clear vision of next-level performance. I’m looking forward to improving with Moonshine and continuing to enjoy this amazing life.”


© Matt Kienzle

Founded in 2014, Moonshine MFG is a high-end longboard brand based in the USA’s scenic Pacific Northwest. Boards are hand built in a small factory by workers who are also passionate skateboarders, using high-tech construction techniques unlike anything else in the industry.

Erik just dropped a new World Speed record! Details here.

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