Loaded Boards Trick Tip | “The Run Starter” with Ethan Cochard

It’s been a while since the last Ambassador Trick Tip, so Loaded Ambassador Ethan Cochard is back from hiding behind desks and cameras, to teach a little trick that he likes to do to impress the local wildlife, specifically the stray dogs that roam and control inner city LA. Ethan brings it back with a “Run Starter” and some sweet discoveries.


Here are Ethan’s few things for ensuring that the run you are about to do is indeed the dopiest ever:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast
2. Poop. Twice.
3. Hug a public servant
4. 30 crunches and/or sit ups
5. Binge eat Hostess donuts to undo your little work out.
7. Do The Run Starter

And always have fun!

Setup: Loaded Tesseract, Bear Trucks 45 Degree, Orangatang Purple Skiffs

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