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New On The Scene: Prism Skate Co.

Max Myers and the crew over at Caliber Truck Co. have announced their newest project, Prism Skate Co.!

Prism Skate Co launch as of June 3rd. The company, jointly owned by Max Myers and Caliber Truck Co, will produce a full line of cruisers and longboards, as well as a line of downhill decks.

Rider turned product-developer, Max Myers is excited to launch a skateboard company in partnership with Caliber Truck Co. “I couldn’t be happier to launch Prism Skateboards. You grow up with a certain admiration and respect for the guys that launch these skater-run companies, and now I get to do that myself and build something that reflects my vision and love for skateboarding.”


Prism’s launch includes the announcement of two team riders – Cooper Darquea and Quentin Gachot. Other riders are expected to be announced in the coming months. “These guys are indisputable pinnacles of style. I feel very lucky to have their voice in this project,” says Myers.


For Brandon Stewart, co-owner of Caliber, and Myers, this is the start of something big. “Max is one of the most talented board designers we know, to have his insight and product knowledge is going to be the foundation of Prism’s success.”


Prism skateboards will be available in stores later this year and all completes will come with Caliber trucks. “Caliber Trucks have set themselves as the industry standard. Our goal is to produce a product that meets high performance standards at an affordable price. Caliber was the ideal partner to achieve both,” says Myers.

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