Red Hot Chilli Peppers Feature Longboarding In New Music Video

Longboarding is finding it’s way into more and more media these days. Products like Chanel recently included Adam Crigler in their new scent campaign; Red Bull has teamed up with Erik Lundberg; and even KFC had Stephen Daddow playing bird-skater downhill. Not to mention everything from Ben Stiller [Brian Holden as stunt double] going downhill in Walter Mitty to recent news of Mike Fitter and Brandon Desjarlais filming as stunt doubles for Vin Diesel in an upcoming XXX movie.


Released earlier this week on Facebook, now removed, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers new video, Dark Necessities, features skaters Amanda Powell, Carmen Shafer, Noelle Mulligan and Amanda Caloia. Directed by Olivia Wilde, the video is a classic skate romp doing hood rat shit with your friends as RHCP would only have it.

What’s also most awesome about this video isn’t just the spotlight on longboarding, but the focus on these bad ass girls doing it like they can and keeping it real. These aren’t models, they’re skaters. While it is pretty much a shame that we need to even point out the spotlight on the ladies, the realty is they are under recognized and these ladies deserve all the stoke. The list we included above was generally all males. Big shout out to RHCP and Olivia Wilde for doing it right!

Check out there video here, if you missed it above: