Kebbek Skateboards New Short Cut Canadian Made Cruiser

What makes a good cruiser? One that no doubtly cruises, but also blurs the lines between a regular skate deck so it doesn’t stop you from destroying the street. The New Kebbek short cut is a perfect blend of a tiny cruiser and a street deck. Peep the latest web video of team rider Jordan Wells out for a rip.

The Short Cut is only 30 inches long, and 7.75 wide, meaning you can take it easily on the bus in an elevator, slip it in your locker, or hide it under your desk, but its aggressive nose and kick tail, make it a fully functional street beast. Its wheelbase is derived from the dig deep, measuring at 14.5, giving you that perfect place to nuzzle your foot into the sweet spot for ollie control.


Don’t worry, even though it’s small footprint and has a price point you’ll love, this board is still 100% made in Canada, and we offer it in 3 colors: black, red and brown died veneer.

Visit for more photos and videos of the new Short Cut!