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Transylvania Downhill: Details on the Upcoming Romanian Shred-fest

It seems the new trend in events is having a lift back to the top that is not a Uhaul or a bus. Recently, Skate Sun Peaks in Canada had a ski lift [See Jon Huey’s recap here] and now the upcoming Transylvania Downhill is the first longboard competition in Europe to feature a cable-car along its 4.5km (2.7mi) downhill track. In the heights of Transylvania, the land of Dracula, there’s a freshly tarmacked road with 9 gnarly hairpins and enough sweepers to get you some nice feelings down the track. At the bottom riders just hop in the chairlift and in no time you’ll be back at the top, enjoying some amazing views of Retezat Mountains on the way. It runs between 30 June and 03 July 2016, DJ664A, Straja, Romania. Check out the interview below to find out more and hit their homepage here:

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With a plan to head to the event, I spoke to one of the organisers, Adi, to get some last minute intel on what will be my first foray into Romania.

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

Hey Adi, great to see you on the hill on the weekend!

Hi Will, was great to see you too, was a fun little sesh haha.

Ever since I heard about it, this event’s sounded like it’s gonna be sick! Four and a half km of riding, nice and steep, a chairlift to get you back to the top..a dream. How long have you and Ormy been working on this baby? When did you decide you were having an event together?

Indeed, that’s exactly what we first thought when we discovered this road, like one of those moments when you’re just looking around and stand still with your mouth open and asking if all this is real. I mean you have to see it to believe it, you can see the track from the cable-car while being lifted up, tarmac is fresh and smooth and the track is extremely technical, wide and the whole course can get quite challenging. We believe there’s going to be some really interesting races going down on this track and to add up to that on top of the hill there’s plenty more fun with Freeride Area, fun area with indo-boards and slacklines, workshops etc.

Me and Ormy been working on this baby project since our DLC rider Alex, had first spotted the track in December 2015 while being covered in snow. Then we went there and we were like “THIS IS IT”. We’ve had contest sketches and ideas from before and we started putting all together straight away and now we’re really close to the 1st edition of TRANSYLVANIA DOWNHILL which is now the biggest longboard event in Romania.

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

I’m gonna find out for myself in a few weeks I guess, but what should I prepare myself for coming to Romania for the first time? For example do you have any tips on how to survive the party?

Prepare for vampires, bring silver and wooden stakes to stay safe haha. Just jokes we’re sure the good vibe and atmosphere will keep you going, we usually party till the sunrise and after.

Hah! What are the local crew like? What sort of size scene do you have?

There’s going to be more than 20 of us working on setting up the initial event, the whole event is organised mainly by skaters and as for the size scene we’re really happy to see a quick growth in the Romanian community so this can only turn in for the best :)

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

Has Romania seen events like this previously?

Not on this level but there’s so much potential we’re expecting this to kickstart a sort of smooth development over the years as the Carpathian Mountains and the hills nearby have some amazing roads with some really great skate and event hosting possibilities. I’m pretty sure as the scene grows more promising events will pop up. And that’s what we all want.

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

Photo: Andrei Mitroi

For more info and registration visit the event page on facebook or


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Vital Stats:

-Acommodation – Shared Room-Hotel (dinner+breakfast included)
-Downhill Race -Mixed Riders limit – 72
-Freeride – Mixed Riders limit – 100
-Viewer – unlimited
-Free CABLE-CABIN pass
-Free water-wi-fi-stickers-t-shirt
-Awards ceremony + big party with 10k watts soundsystem+djs
-Prizes in CASH !!!
-Indo-Boards , Slacklines and whatnot
-Closed road for the competition !

* Thursday, 30.06.2016 – Acomodation Day
* Friday 01.07.2016 – Training / Pre Qualification Day
* Saturday, 02.07.2016 – Contest Day
* Sunday, 03.07.2016 – Freeride Day

4.5km (2.7mi)
Grade – 9.30%
Steepest – 18.33%
Total elevation – 425m
Speeds : a fuckin lot!



Again, for more info and registration visit the event page on facebook or