Maryhill Showdown At The Loops 2016 – Moonshine MFG Recap

The Moonshine MFG team was out in force at the inaugural Maryhill Showdown at the Loops. Emily Pross, Brandon Desjarlaise, Victoria Waddington and Kiefer Kroneker headed to the world famous Maryhill Loops Road to battle it out on one of the most contested race courses on the circuit.


Emily Pross – Moonshine MFG Image

While everyone gave it their best in each of their classes and Opens, Moonshine MFG riders Emily Pross and Victoria Waddington took home some hardware in the Female class with a 1st and 2nd respectively. Congrats ladies!


1. Emily Pross, 2. Victoria Waddington, 3. Candy Dungan – International Downhill Federation Photo

International Downhill Federation

Maryhill Ratz

Moonshine MFG


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