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Bustin Boards Worldwide 2’x4′ Challenge – Skate Everything Project

We’ve been highlight a variety of Bustin Skate Everything Project challenges so far this season. Bustin is challenging everyone to open their minds and spread their love for skateboarding.

For the Maryhill ‘Showdown at the Loops’ Race in Goldendale, Washington, one of the most renowned & official downhill races in the world, Bustin encouraged racers to take a pause from the competition and have some fun in their Maryhill ‘2×4 Chinese Downhill Race’.

The contest has gotten so popular that people have been begging Bustin to open it up to everyone, worldwide, who couldn’t make it out to Maryhill.  To that we say ‘good idea’ and announce our new Worldwide 2×4 Skate Everything Challenge, open to all skaters everywhere.  Get your friends together, screw some trucks to a few pieces of wood and have some fun (and win some pizza).


Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Find a random piece of wood thats not a skateboard or longboard.
  2. Add your trucks/wheels/bearings to it and SKATE IT.
  3. Post a picture or video to Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Make sure to include hashtag “skateeverythingproject“.
  5. We’ll choose 3 winners on Friday, July 1st (this week!) and order a Large Pizza for you and your crew (your choice of toppings).

More details at BusitnBoards.com.