Giants Head Freeride 2016 – Day 1 and 2 Update

The Giants Head Freeride presented by Landyachtz is currently underway in British Columbia and delivering as much fun and as many runs as always, maybe even more. Giants Head offers a particularly unique flair as one of the most incredible courses for maxing out not only fun time, but skill and progression. Much like Skate Sun Peaks I attended a few weeks back, riders are the focus, not racing, and riding is what we’re doing out here.

The other thing to note about Giants Head, it’s hot! As you may or may not know, the event has been cancelled in the past because of fire, so we’re fortunate to even have the event. It’s key to keep hydrated (including time at the lake), find shade from time to time and wear sunscreen. I’ve done my best to have fun, not get burned by the road or sun and snap a ton of photos. Here’s a small selection of photos from Day 1 and 2 to enjoy. A more complete event recap will follow when I am back in Portland.


Max Ballesteros went from winning Showdown at the Loops to mobbing runs at Giants Head all on his Pro-model RAD Wheel.

Huey-GHF-5573 Huey-GHF-5599

Micah Green looking for his line.


The ladies were out here for sure.


Sho Ouellette definitely has some speed and steez down the Giant.


Riders of all ages are here from all over with strong contingents traveling down the coast from California, Oregon and Washington.


Runs are coming in hot and packs are deep so you gotta stay on it!


Max Capps made the trip from California and is rockin’ a signature flyaway helmet with some some new green Abec 11 wheels it seems.

More updates to come as I get back to regular power and wifi. Thanks!