Valhalla Skateboards : The Black Dolphin

Valhalla’s Dark Arts have brought forth a new skateboard deck infused with evil magic. Forged in the deepest levels of hell, blessed by the dark lord himself. Narrow in the front, and wider in the back. This allows you to get your front foot across the entire width, giving you more leverage and helping to prevent the need to shift your front foot while riding.

The back is wide to help the board feel more comfortable when freeriding while the W concave helps you stay locked in during toesides.

All of this combined with the numerous amounts wheelbase options, you’ll be stoked on the Black Dolphin! This board is available now at your favorite retailer or

9.75″ in the standing zone
21.25″-26.5″ wheelbase
9 ply maple with one ply of formica for better stiffness and deeper concave!

Graphic by @sicodeliclothing

Skating : Eduardo Cordero
Film & Edit: Alex Ameen
Spotting : Chela Giraldo
Music and Video Samples : The Witch

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