Caliber Trucks // New II-Tone Truck Color Ways and New Bushings – Available July 5th!

Caliber Trucks have been some of the most reliable and best performing cast trucks on the market and have the team of incredible skaters ripping behind them. Always of note, James Kelly and Liam Morgan are killing it as always and have new features coming with their new boards coming from Prism. Also killing it is Cooper Darquea who has a new video out and will also be repping Prism and the new new coming out from them.

Adding some flash to your gear when you know it works right is never a crime and with Caliber II‘s performance without question, now you can get yourself some fresh colours to swag out your set up.

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We’re pleased to present our newest series of super limited “II-Tone colorways” in both the 44* and 50* 10″ Calibe II.

We have 3 options coming in Green, Blue, and Red. The II-Tone trucks are also the only cast truck shipping with our new insert bushings.


Used as a bottom bushing, they eliminate all side to side slop and keep the hanger squarely in place. This increases responsiveness and provides a stronger return to center.


Just one more reason why Caliber trucks are the best performing cast truck in the market!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.26.29 PM

Trucks to be released July 5th – details here.

Don’t Miss Cooper’s new video!

We were long over due to shoot a part with Coop so we headed to Southern California to link up with him for a couple of days. Day one he took us into the San Bernadino valley and showed us a handful of gorgeous mountain runs. Day two we found out Coop had never been to Laguna so we headed down the coast and spent the day getting weird on some of California’s sketchiest runs. Coop’s iconic style matched with his unique lines makes him one of the most unpredictable and entertaining riders out there.

Film/Edit: Jack Boston