Check Out Check In: Ryan Gottlieb Interview

Ryan Gottlieb has been moving on up and got himself not only a Check Out feature in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29, but a video and raw run too. The Northern California native hasn’t strayed far from his local hills, but is further south studying hard and looking to make the most of his skate life. Peep the full interview with Ryan, some sick photos thanks to Mike Roberts of SLO Stoked Productions and be sure to check out his raw run and edit thanks to Ryan Bishop.

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Hey Ryan, can you share your full name, age and where you’re from with everyone please?

My name is Ryan Gottlieb, I’m 19 years old originally born in Connecticut but moved to the Bay Area (Los Altos, California) at a young age.

ryan gottlieb

Where are you living these days?

Kind of all over I’ve been on a skate trip living in the woods with the boys of Long Island and then up to Giants Head hitting all the terrain on the coast.


What is your Day Job? Are you a full-time skater or student, wage slave?

Currently attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I am studying to be a Graphic Design major. Between school and skating it’s been hard to keep a steady job, but hey that’s the game.

What is a typical day in the life of Ryan?

Art classes, getting creatively medicated and doing more art/design, some skating slipped in here and there.

How did you get started skating?

My dad got me a Tan Tien when I was in middle school. After my days of wrongboarding I started working my way up to skating fast roads with the rest of the amazing people I met on the Peninsula.

Are you more downhill or do you enjoy skating all kinds of boards and features?

Downhill and freeride are just as fun as slashing some Backside 9 on a double kick. My wrongboarding side will still come out at the top of the run.

You recently got hooked up with new sponsors too right?

Yeah I recently got on Long Island Skateboards thanks to my team manager Tom Flinchbaugh. Stoked to be on the team with new and old friends. Our skate trip is getting helped out by Caliber and Blood Orange as well so shoutout to Brandon and the boys for helping us out!

What is the story with the Check Out Photo shoot, have you met Mike Roberts before? Where did you guys go?

I hadn’t met Mike before but I had seen a lot of his amazing media. Going to school in SLO I was stoked to have the opportunity of shooting with him. Mike is a great guy and can’t wait to hopefully do more with him in the future!



Everyone seems to be debating the current state of events. Do you hit up events at all. Are you more race or freeride kind of guy? Or just prefer to be on the road with friends?

Being on the road with a bunch of homies has been my preferred environment besides local outlaws, but I am excited to hopefully get out to more events! Giants Head Freeride was definitely an epic format to blend the best of everything.

Where are your favourite places to skate?

Anywhere along the California Peninsula, from San Francisco to the fast mountain roads.


Who are your favourite people to skate with?

Day one homies PDHC crew, as well as all my new teammates on Long Island.

There’s a lot that goes into sponsorship, you just got some new ones, what is it going to take to make them happy?

We have all been stacking clips for a new video coming out so keep your eyes peeled. Other than that helping Tom get all the banger shots by trying to look good, ha ha. Work with homies to get runs and clips. Collaborate with Skate[Slate] and get my name out there and represent.


Why be sponsored? What does it take from them to make you happy?

For me, sponsorship was a welcome into a family of some of my best friends. Everyone that I skate and work with I can say I’ve become very close to in a short amount of time. A sponsorship is nothing without connectivity and I love skating and traveling with all the crew.

You’re a student. Any tips you can give other skater students away from home and on the grind?

At least for college students that are in a new environment, find the locals through social media and have them show you the spots. You’ll find a lot of rad people that will accept you with open arms. Fit it in where you can.

Does downhill help you focus for school?

Downhill helps me unwind when academics have me tense and also keeps me in a positive mindset when it comes to balancing my life.


What is the best food to eat and keep it cheap when your a student or traveling skate rat?

Aidell’s sausages. We have probably gone through 20+ packs so far on our trip. Easy to roast over a fire.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Besides Giants Head,  probably spending time with family and friends after leaving so quickly after finishing school.


Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Anything we missed? Shout outs? Call outs? Hi mom?

Shoutout to everyone again that helped me and the boys out here. Huge shoutout to Tom none of this would be possible without him as team dad. And of course Caliber Trucks, Blood Orange and now Long Island for backing me in what I do. All the close homies you know who you are thanks for pushing me here. Thank you as well to mom and dad for letting me chase my dreams!

Huge thanks to Mike Roberts and SLO Stoked Productions for photos please give him a follow in insta here. And Ryan Bishop for video, please check him out here.