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Ekstremsportveko Norway Recap

Racing takes place all over the world making it hard to cover everything as media and be everywhere as a rider. The selection is abundant. Norweigan’s are fortunate to have Ekstremsportveko, the Norwegian extreme sports week involving base jumping, skydiving, paragliding, rafting, kayak, climbing, and mountain bike, and both skateboarding and longboarding on the program. Not only does it attract locals, but internationals to the longboarding [Downhill Skateboarding] competitions in Skjervet, world famous for being a naturally beautiful and remarkable track.

20160630-145517-1430 - Photo John Vint-XL

This is a stunning location in the middle of nature, where you will race over a bridge, past a huge waterfall, with tall mountains towering around you. Beautiful, yes. But the fact is there’s also a tight kick off, technical S turns, sweeping S turns and fast straights. This is a hill that almost anyone can ride, but still challenging to win. Picking the right line can make your day.

Jon Hunnålvatn Tøn


June 30th, was the finals of the downhill competition and saw Adam Persson from Sweden take first place in the mens class, while Rachel “Bagels” Bruskoff from the US won the womens class.

Open – Full results
1. Adam Persson – Swe
2. Mauritz Armfelt – Swe
3. Dave Süess – Sveits
4. Henning Patricksson – Nor

Ekstremsportveko 2016 - Longboard Bonanza - 6 - Foto Njål Arnar Johansen-X2

Adam Persson continues to take top podiums this season. Photo Njål Arnar Johansen.

Ladies – Full results
1. Rachel “Bagels” Bruskoff – USA
2. Jenny Schaurte – German
3. Live Frisak – Nor

Märtha Sverdrup 2

Rachel Bagels is making her way around the world as a leading lady. Photo Märtha Sverdrup.

Thanks to Ekstremsportveko, for the details and images. More info and photos here.