WoodWings Longboard Camp 2016 – Europe’s Private ALL-IN Longboard Experience!

Welcome to the very first ALL-IN longboard camp in Europe! Once predominantly a more niche activity and with much less exposure, the age rang for longboarding has steadily grown to include an increasing number of kids and teens. In Belgium there is hardly any infrastructure that meets the requirements of most longboarders. Therefore, there is often irresponsible longboarding on public roads without proper protection, without adequate safeguards and above all lack of experience and knowledge. Compared to adults, young people are less able to adequately assess risks.

In the summer of 2015, WoodWings started as a Belgian tour operator with the offering of ALL-IN longboard camps for Belgian and Dutch youngsters. Something rather unique in Europe, there was soon a high demand for international registrations, coming from all over the world, and they decided to open their camps for all. Their concept is based on their years of experience in the world of longboarding, combined with the knowledge gathered from years in the travel industry. As they’ve been riding for more than half their lives, the concept really is ‘by boarders for boarders’.

With the WoodWings project they want to share their knowledge and passion for longboarding and the freedom they experience within it, with young people; youngsters who sometimes too often focus on the performance. They want to create a community where young people have the freedom and opportunity to enjoy the sport in a safe and unique environment where they can continue to develop their passion and experience. Therefore they work hard to provide riders with the best training, holiday, leisure and camp facilities you can imagine!

2015 was a great success and WoodWings is extremely excited for 2016. Check out some of the media from the past season and find the dates and contact info for 2016 below.

The official aftermovie of WoodWings Longboard Camps summer 2015.

The SEISMIC downhill team with Aaron Hampshire and Daina Banks stopped by the camp. After instructing and hanging out with the kids for a few days, they could not resist bombing the second gnarly road for a 100kph+ run.

13-year-old Belgian kiddo René going fast on the main road of the WoodWings camp. Big ups to this little shredder!

Camp information GROMS 12-16 [Click for more info]

Week 2 (Friday 15/7 – Sunday 24/7)
Week 3 (Friday 22/7 – Sunday 31/7)
Week 4 (Friday 29/7 – Sunday 7/8)
Week 5 (Friday 5/8 – Sunday 14/8)

Camp information YOUNGSTERS 16-18 [Click for more info]

Week 1 (Friday 8/7 – Sunday 17/7)
Week 2 (Friday 15/7 – Sunday 24/7)
Week 6 (Saturday 13/8 – Friday 19/8): Info & bookings @ Women’s Longboard Camp

Camp information GROWN-UPS 18+ [Click for more info]

Week 1 (Friday 8/7 – Sunday 17/7)
Week 2 (Friday 15/7 – Sunday 24/7)
Week 6 (Saturday 13/8 – Friday 19/8): Info & bookings @ Women’s Longboard Camp

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