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Kebbek Skateboards presents the KNK Longboard Camp

Any event that’s been running for 7 years should by now have their event running smooth. This is an understatement when talking about KnK Longboard Camp. Known as one of Europe’s most anticipated events and is now hosted by Canada’s Kebbek skateboards and part of the Big Mountain Skate series. If you are unfamiliar with the series, you are blowing it, and need to get on the tip of this series right away. Check out Will Edgecombe’s photos from 2015 here.

So back to KnK, this 6 day freeride, offered over 2 weeks is on a seriously gnarly track. 18 hairpins over 4 km and a top speed of 90km/h. Because it’s a freeride and not a race, you can skate as much, as little or as hung over as you like, and just focus on having a good time with good hommies.

There are 2 mini events in the series if you want to race a bit. Offered in week one is the Red Bull No Paws Down race. Make it down the track fast without touching your hand down and you a boss. Offered in week 2 is the Cult Single Set Survivors race. You get one set of wheels to take you from qualifiers to finals. So pack properly! The organizers also have some surprises up their sleeves, with an onsite Wheel of (mis)Fortune challenge to make you drink, win some gear, and force you to do some stupidity in the process.

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Check out the 2015 Red Bull No Paws Down recap

Event Details:
2 dates to select from –

  1. Week 1: July 25th – 30th
  2. Week 2: August 2nd -7th

Location: Slovenia

Cost: €220

Food: €5 all you can eat breakfast, €6.5 3-course meal for dinner. (Vegan/veg/meat)


Accommodation: Free Camping(Showers) Dorm-€18/night Room €35/night

Register here:

Track Overview:
Length: 4km
Steepest point: 17%
Hairpins: 18
Total elevation: 300 m
Top speed: 90km/h



More details and Registration here:

And be sure to check out more of Will Edgecombe’s photos from 2015 here.