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Arbor Skateboards is back with another team announcement after welcoming Axel Serrat last week. This week is Vancouver, Canada ripper Tyler Gillingham.

Tyler has been a staple of the Vancouver community since he was a grom and connected with Colabo and Skate[Slate] thanks to Dan Pape‘s project to teach safe skating and get riders some great media exposure. Dan’s Colabo project and efforts with Skate[Slate] also helped introduce Brock Newman to the scene. Brock has since emerge as one of the preeminent video producers in not only skateboarding, but his now incredible portfolio of projects from all over. This legacy of community building has continued on in the Vancouver scene and remains with riders like Tyler still killing it not only as skaters, but all around great community members.

But enough about that, Tyler rips. He’s been putting out epic content and solid race results for years as a sponsored rider on top of it all. You can find his media all over youtube and most recently has been highlighted regularly with his local Homies Skate Media. For his welcome to Arbor video, he’s hooked up with the homie Brock Newman once again and the video is sick. Check out some of the other with Tyler form the past:

Skate[Slate] feature Cat & Blue from 2011 with Dan Pape and Brock Newman:

Part of the Skate[Slate] RED project in 2012 with Dan Pape and Brock Newman:

Mindwelle presents 2015:

Arbor is clearly putting together a solid new team of shredders with new Team Manager Ryan Ricker bringing it all together and we can’t wait to see who else they’re going to announce. Congrats to Tyler and Arbor!

From Arbor:


Skating the big mountains that surround Vancouver, BC, it’s no wonder that Tyler Gillingham has developed a knack for speed while maintaining his smooth, relaxed style. His laid-back attitude and positive outlook on life is on par with the Arbor Skateboards vibes. We are stoked to welcome Tyler to the team.

Once more in case you missed it!

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