Harfang Roman Candle Wheels Throw Fire While You Slide

Can’t go wrong with skateboarding + fire!

We are pleased to introduce you the Roman Candles, a new pryotastic offering to skatan by Harfang Wheels allowing you to generate flares when sliding and drifting, without changing the ride.

Skaters have dreamt about it, now Harfang Wheels made it happen. We’re talking about wheels that make fire, YES FIRE!!!

Do you need them? NO

Do you want them? ABSOLUTELY

Riders : Francis Boileau, Vinz Parenthèse

If you’ve ever seen the pyro pucks in action, these wheels are the next step! The new wheel has 64 flare igniters per set and are enough to light up the streets with your slides days and nights.


We’ve never seen this done before. So we have to ask ourselves, how can they really work? Yann and his team of testers, including Francis Boileau, Vinz Parenthèse in the video say, NO! They will not change your ride and will only make flares when you drift or slide your wheels is what we’re being told.


Keep your eyes open, you should see the Roman Candles popping out in the streets, freerides, slide jams and races near you!

Roman Candles are coming soon to your local shop and available to pre-order at


NOTICE FROM HARFANG: You should not ride these wheels in a dry area or where there’s a ban on fires, loosing control of your board could result in unwanted wildfires. Roman Candle wheels should be stored safely to avoid any accidental ignition and kept away from any flammables. Harfang Wheels will not sell these wheels to minors (you have to be 18+) and recommends that should someone under 18 want the wheels, a responsible adult make the purchase for them after insurring they understand the risks and consequences.

For all us adult children, again, available to pre-order at… we’re getting some for sure! #becausefire