Emily Pross Interview – Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 IDF WC – Longboardmagazine.eu x Skate[Slate].TV

Emily Pross has been racing down the all new track at the Sector 9 Almabtrieb, World Championships 2016 – IDF WCQ event and is now your 2016 Ladies Champion!

Check out the Photos from the event - click here.

Check out the Photos from the event – click here.

Find out about her time at Almabtrieb, and European race schedule, in this exclusive interview with Alex Ireton and Nadia Hozić thanks to Longboard Magazine.eu and BIGMOUNTAINSKATE.

UPDATE: Emily Pross is your 2016 Sector 9 Almabtrieb IDF World Cup Ladies Champion!

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More coverage from Longboardmagazine.eu here: http://bit.ly/29PP4lZ
IDF Race results here: http://bit.ly/29YVBZU

Additional Video:
Thanks to Brandon Desjarlais and Moonshine MFG: Watch the full Raw Run Here!
Emily Pross with Joe Baldwin Mic’d Up Kozakov 2015: Watch the full Raw Run Here!
Emily Pross Mic’d Up TMI Lilyhammer 2016: Watch the full Raw Run Here!

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