Bustin Boards Euro Shop Tour 2016 [UPDATED]

A couple weeks back Bustin Boards announced a mission to Europe for a full-blown shop tour July 19 through August 1, 2016. Now the dates and [most] of the shops have been announced. Peep the schedule and meet up with the crew to experience the #skateeverythingproject .

If you’ve been paying attention to Bustin Boards, ever since Marcus Bandy joined on as manager earlier this year, they have taken a full blown approach to Skate Everything and hit the road in north America hard. From Ditch Slap to Maryhill to Giants Head the team has been hustlin’ the #skateeverythingproject from coast to coast, and it’s been awesome!


For the next few weeks, they’re heading over the pond to Europe, hitting the shores of Hamburg, Germany on July 19th, 2016 and shredding on through five countries in total as they pack tightly in a van and head out to sessions, boardwalking events, Dancing feet boogies, meet-ups, scavenger hunts, skatepark sessions, city cruises, slide jams, slope styles, street sessions, hill bombs, and BBQs. Along with starting off in Germany, they’ll be hitting shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and we’ll finish up in Barcelona, Spain. Shout out to their associated partners: SickboardsFORtrade, & MDCN.

If your interested in meeting up with them to skate please contact any and all of the shops listed above in the poster via their Facebook pages or emails or websites. Or you can also contact the Facbook pages of the three associated sponsors listed and linked above.

Hit up the Bustin Boards Blog for more details or visit their Facebook event page here.