Bustin Boards // Welcome to the Team – Brad Parker

Bustin Boards welcomes Brad Parker to the team with a DIY build and shred session, way out in the middle of the Southern California desert.

Straight from the man himself: “Find it, build it. Skate it!”

From Bustin Boards: “We are stoked to welcome Brad Parker of the #Gnaratz to the Bustin Boards Team. Brad is from Long Beach, California and a D.I.Y. building maniac with a distinct style of skateboarding that is totally raw, way rugged, and fully rad! Brad also rides for Paris Truck Co. and he skates everything including downhill, street, bowls, ditches, and whatever else crosses his path—just the way it should be!


Anyway, please enjoy this video welcoming Brad Parker to the Bustin Boards team, featuring a D.I.Y. build and session way out in the middle of the Southern California desert. Stay tuned for more videos coming from Brad featuring DIY builds, ripping skating, and other such radness. Signature board too? All signs point to: Hell Yes!

Follow Brad on insta at @gnarlivin

Film: Marcus Bandy.
Edit: David Ruano.
Music: “Friends Like These” by Sweet Reaper.