Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 / Event Recap & Podiums

We’ve been covering the Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 IDF WCQ by BigMountainSkate with all kinds of photo, video, interviews and updates thanks to and Mihael Zadravec. With the event all wrapped up, we bring you the final recap and podiums.

We woke up into a fairly bright morning and everyone were excited to finally see the Almabtrieb track dry since the weather forecast for the Saturday was not so promising. Used to the track being wet and slippery, many got surprised by how grippy the track was and some them even got thrown of their boards right at the entrance into the (first) “Risch” corner.

The race track opened with two warmup runs, which seemed more like a race to me and the even more intense Open B-bracket heats followed. The B-bracket racing was dominated by the Italian riders Patrick LombardiMarcus Aldinucciand Tommaso Bohannon with an exception of the Austrian allaround shredder Juergen Gritzner. They all progressed into the A-Bracket. Juergen and Patrick made it through all the way to the Quarter-Final while Marcus was eliminated in the first and Tomasso the second round.

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Emily Pross was gracious enough to give us an interview about her time on the track before race day and her Euro tour as a whole.

We blew through the B-bracket in no time and then it was time for the main event, A bracket open skateboarding. The first round gave us the first surprise, which was Erik Lundberg being eliminated in his first heat. Footbrake king Aleix Gallimo and Lilyhammer Masters winner Pete Connolly got knocked out in the second run, fastest qualifier Riley Irvine in third, Junior world champ Alex Charleson, Brazillian Ian Freire and German favourite Sebastian Hertler in the quarter finals. Read the full report by Berry Plasman via the IDF website

For photos and more from the first day, visit:

Soon after it started raining again for a shorter time, just enough to make the track wet. Considering how the previous days were, today we were really lucky with the weather and the race finished successfully.

Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 Final Results



1. Mauritz Armfelt (SE)
2. Adam Persson (SE)
3. Thiago Gomes Lessa (BR)
4. Douglas ‘Dalua’ Silva (BR)

Mauritz is a rad dude, with some of the most stoked and positive energy. Really, I think it’s safe to say everyone is stoked that he won. Congrats Mauritz!


Mauritz is the dude!


Homie and Countryman Adam Persson sharing the stoke, all over Mauritz’s face!



1. Emily Pross
2. Jennifer Schauerte
3. Lisa Peters
4. Gloria Kupsch



1. Nicolas Desmarais
2. Benjamin Hay
3. Pete Connolly
4. Remy Amsalem



1. Vojtech ZAcek
2. Edward Kiefer
3. Jesse Martin
4. Marc Rovellada Ballesteros
5. Knox Heslop

That’s it for the Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016. For photos and more from the first day, visit:

The Sector 9 Almabtrieb 2016 IDF WCQ by BigMountainSkate with all kinds of photo, video, interviews and updates has been produced on Skate[Slate].com thanks to and Mihael Zadravec.

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