Nick Hurley Rides The Landyachtz Ten Two Four

One of our all time favourite freeride [The Nine to Five] boards is now available in a smaller compact size. No gas pedals, drop mounted, and some nice rocker to keep you locked in for slides. It’s symmetrical so people will be asking “Is he regular or is he goofy?” Check out Nick Hurley and why he likes the board.


38.75″ Length I 9.75″ Width I 29.2″ Wheelbase

Compact Symmetrical Freeride
Drop mounted


Rider: Nick Hurley @666hurley

More info on here.

Just for history, reference and reverence, check out OG Legend Mike McGoldrick back in 2010 when the Nine to Five dropped…

… and the epic, Mike vs Mike on the Carbon Nine to Five

As we said… more info on the all new Ten to Four on here.