Student Spotlight: Max Vickers – Indiana University

Max Vickers is probably best known by our audience for his performance on a skateboard, videos, and international racing. I don’t know Max well, but I have only heard good things about him from those that do. I guess it’s time for an interview! Anyways, Max was recently featured for some of his accomplishments both on and off his board, as he studies business at University when he’s not skating and traveling. Check it out.

IU Bloomington has helped Max Vickers do two things: study at the Kelley School of Business and pursue his passion—longboarding. Vickers, who founded IU’s Longboarding Club, is a member of the International Downhill Federation, a group for downhill skateboarding that’s taken him all over North America and to Europe, Sydney, China and the Philippines. Learn more about longboarding at IU:



Max in the middle with the Black shirt. From IU Video.