Kebbek’s Top 6 Reasons To Go To KNK Longboard Camp 2016

Kebbek Skateboards presents the 2016 KNK Longboard Camp brought to you by BIGMOUNTAINSKATE. Not that you need more reason to attend than the epic hill and endless runs, KNK has a jammed activity schedule to help inject some additional fun! Here’s Joey Bidner with the Top 6 Reasons To Go To KNK this year.

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We are so stoked you are coming to KNK this year! I can’t wait to throw high fives around and do runs with you. It’s going to be hot, sweaty and raw, just the way we like it. Get ready to have the most fun on a skateboard this season as we have a lot in store for you! We are turning it up this season with plenty of free activities on and off the mountain I would like to invite you to.

As if the epic track wasn’t enough. Get a load of what’s to come with this KnK Longboard Camp Raw Run feat. Fionn Kraft, Presented by Kebbek:

Now for my personal Top 6 reasons… but there could have easily been 100. Join us and you’ll see.

1. Clinics:

Now is the time for you to level-up. Take part in a clinic from your favorite pros, Emma Daigle, Kevin Reimer and Juergen Gritzner.

KnK_© Markus Knoblechner_IMG_2464

Photo Markus Knoblechner

13715968_1038376072877170_6801692847210655721_n 13770379_1038359756212135_4317815087745575522_n

2. Wheel of (mis)Fortune

New this season, we give you a chance to win free gear. Everybody loves free gear! But you may not love what the Wheel of (mis)fortune will make you do for it. Spin the wheel at the campsite each evening for a chance to be a champ and get some gear.


3. Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship (Week 1)

If you have a competitive spirit, we will be hosting a no hands down race on bear guts. So eat your Wheaties and level up with this mini challenge!

4. Apre-shred Video Screenings-*Premier* Juergen Gritzner transportation project

Watch the video primer of a new Kebbek adventure to Cuba, where Juergen Gritzner traveled to donate over 100 completes to kids in need to stoke their scene.

From - Photo CKPhotography

From – Photo CKPhotography

5. Cult Single Set Survivors race (Week 2)

A race about minimalistic requirements. One set of wheels to take you from Qualifiers to finals. May the best set win!

KNK 2015 – Cult Wheels Single Set Survivors Race, Final Heat from on Vimeo.

6. Kebbek Test Center

Now is your chance to try out our new line up. Take a peek at to scope out what you want to try!

board line spread

Additionally, we want you to get the most fun out of your time and KNK, so Kebbek is offering an epic deal on wheels! Core a set, get a set – all the wheels you can skate for cheap!


Bonus – Get Funk With Purple Haste and Batik Your Shit!

Purple Haste – In dark times of hectic nine-to-fivers, unhealthy smart phones usage and piles of bullshit strangling our throats, Purple Haste delivers you the perfect alternative to you rusty mechanisms of your everyday life.

Collect you shit and batik it!

The neon lights loving, space homage paying, 80’s synths idolising mob brings you the escaping plan to get away from tedious paper pushing boringness straight into the next swirl of adventure.

Grab every white garment you can lay your hands on and bring it to ‪#‎knk2016‬ and design your own weapon against stupid mind-numbing idiocy.


More event details here.

Event Details:

2 dates to select from –

  1. Week 1: July 25th – 30th
  2. Week 2: August 2nd -7th

Location: Slovenia

Cost: €220

Food: €5 all you can eat breakfast, €6.5 3-course meal for dinner. (Vegan/veg/meat)

Accommodation: Free Camping(Showers) Dorm-€18/night Room €35/night

Register here:

Track Overview:

Length: 4km
Steepest point: 17%
Hairpins: 18
Total elevation: 300 m
Top speed: 90km/h

More event details here. Everyone at KNK is stoked to see you soon!