Valhalla Skateboards : Master Blaster in Mecca

The Valhalla Team took the epic journey up to one of the most classic and secret downhill skateboarding meccas on the planet. They brought Ian McSherry the longest standing team rider along with their newest team member Miles Parker.


After this trip we decided to retire the CNC engraved logo on the boards we have been using for years. If you love the aesthetic of the board shown be sure to grab one ASAP before they are replaced by our newer models with printed logos. We made the change to provide a tad bit more stiffness to the deck.

The Master Blaster:
A plain and simple design with everything you need in a downhill deck without needless features in your way.
37.5″ x 9.75″
24″ – 28″ Wheelbase
Taper 1/4″
Rocker .666″
.666″ Tub W Concave


Film/Edit: Alex Ameen
Music: “Satori Part II” -Flower Travellin Band
Speech: “Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out” -Timothy Leary