Arbor Skateboards Welcomes Norwegian Shredder Ali Nas

Adding the list of Welcome releases, we’re stoked to announce that Arbor Skateboards has paired up with Ali Nas, rounding out their global talent along with previously announced Axel Serrat from Spain and Tyler Gillingham from Canada.

Ali Nas has been making his way around the world on a skateboard, but has some of the most epic runs and scenery one could ask for in his home in Norway. That means not only does he get to enjoy them, but fortunately he’s been sharing them with us as well. peep some of the endless beauty in these Ali Nas edits:

Congrats to Ali and Arbor. This is another great match thanks to team manager Ryan Ricker and we hope to see more epic footage from the collab.

From Arbor:

Ali Welcome_Thumbnail

With only a few months of sunshine in Norway a year, it’s rad to see the dedication Ali Nas has for the sport he loves. We are excited to welcome Ali Nas to the Arbor Skateboards Team. Bringing his motivation, charisma, and magic tricks to the table, we know it’s going to be a good time having Ali around. Welcome to the Team Ali!

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