Dillon Stephens Reviews The Landyachtz Mini Dinghy

Landyachtz has been making the Dinghy for over 15 years! This year they added a couple smaller versions to mix things up. 24″ and 26″ make it perfect for grabbing groceries, pushing to the skatepark, or stuffing in your luggage for your next skate & explore trip!


26″ Dinghy
We’ve reissued this classic shape after 10 years of dormancy because, well… it’s just that rad. This board is our original, all maple mini cruiser and was a staple on every road trip back in 2005. It fits in a locker, straps to a backpack and comes perfectly tuned with Bear 85mm trucks and fatty Hawgs wheels.


26″ Length I 7″ Width I 14″ Wheelbase

100% Canadian Maple

24″ Dinghy
New for 2016, the Dinghy 24 is our smallest board to date. It’s the board you can take anywhere with you, that reliable little ripper that you’ll find yourself reaching for every time you head out the door.



24″ Length I 6.5″ Width I 14″ Wheelbase

100% Canadian Maple

TONS Of Choices!

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