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Dan Herzog is not only the new man on board for the Landyachtz Team, he’s also the newest man behind the curtain at Landyachtz Longboards social media team. Dan Herzog aka @glamourshotsbyherzi has been building a solid reputation for snapping epic photos [see his Photo Serie5 shots in the new Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 30] and is now spending his time snapping them with the Landyachtz and helping spread the Skate & Explore message on the Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and video.

Take a sneak peak of the latest team trip to Free Sully, and epic event in Northern BC. put on by Jody Wilcox for the past 15 years. And be sure to check out both  the Landyachtz Blog and Dan Herzog’s Instagram.

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Getting in the van to Kimberly’s Sully fest was an adventure that on paper was set to be one long, crazy trip. The drive being 13 hours from Vancouver and having a full van, it was hard to tell if it was going to be a journey of suffering, or pleasure…


Billy Bones taking in the local tourist attractions.

We got into Nelson… for a swift 6:45am arrival. The small town German vibe of Kimberley spreads from the scenery right into the decor, but (not that I know first hand) does not translate into their downhill skateboarding culture.

This race was off the rails, controlled chaos is how it really felt.


Striker spent a lot of time in the middle of crash corner egging on spectators and yelling at passing racers.


Hugh Johnson going for the apex.

Check out a 360* Video from the track here.

Laine Jackart out front, Troy Grenier in behind.

Laine Jackart out front, Troy Grenier in behind.

The race wound down into the finals, and the podium fell with team rider Troy Grenier on top and Grizz in third bringing home some diaper money!


Laine Jackart gives Troy Grenier the podium ride while Bricin Striker Lyons passes the mic.

Watch the Landyachtz event recap video on their Facebook.

Don’t forget to check out both  the Landyachtz Blog and Dan Herzog’s Instagram.