Mt Tabor Downhill Challenge 2016 with Palaxa Golden

Palaxa Golden headed to the Mt Tabour Downhill and made a sweet little vid with clips from through out the day.

From Palaxa:

There’s times where you don’t give a damn about racing but having fun while filming every single run. Oh well…, made it to finals anyway! xD
Deciding to keep the same race format as Open was the way to go. Tiny old-school tuck and no leathers was definitely a challenge! (Most ladies appear in this video Anna O’Neill, Kaylene Beatty, Marisa Nuñez, Mariela Santiago Manzano, Amber Maetche, Victoria Waddington, Amanda Roden, Carmen Sutra, Alicia Fillback and more…)

Thanks Eric Hoang for such an event! And infinite thankful to Toxic World Boardshop for backing me up.