Dasilva’s Dirty Hippies Deliver the Aldous – Available now!

It is with buckets of stoke and heaps of pleasure that Dalsilva Boards unveil this years cradle of joy the Aldous!


The Aldous is a hill slaying, rotating, levitating & mind expanding tool made for the brave new world. Symmetrical form, double silver spoon tails, bellbottom flares and multiple wheel base options will have you feeling euphoric, narcotic and pleasantly hallucinant.

Finish Birch core snugged by multi axial fiberglass & carbon fiber ensuring a smooth ride for both go fast and freestyle lovers.

Dimensions :
LENGTH // 40.25″
WIDHT // 9.5″
WB // 22.85″ – 25″

Graphics by UNTAY printed on UHMW scratch resistant bottom sheets

Crave one under your feet?
Go check it here –  SHOP ALDOUS