Manu Duhamel Blasting in Old Child’s New Video ‘Red’

Manu Duhamel is living in the interior of British Columbia and picking apart the endless roads and quiet traffic to be found out there. Thankfully for the rest of us, Josh Boehlke [Old Child Media] is there capturing as much of it as he can. Manu blasts through the entire, pristine, edit. Downhill porn at some of it’s finest. 


Find more form Old Child on the Youtube channel here.

If you haven’t seen it, definitely check Old Child’s previous banger, ‘Downpour’ featuring Daniel Holdsworth.

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From Old Child:

Manu Duhamel skates some of Pentiction BCs most intense spots with to many potholes to count and road grades that will make a longboarder drool.

Incase you missed it above somehow, here’s ‘Red’ featuring Manu Duhamel: