Attack Of The Dreads: Old Child Features Manu Duhamel and Daniel Holdsworth

We’ve featured Old Child Media and producer Josh Boehlke before on Skate[Slate] and in Skate[Slate] Magazine – Josh had 2 photos in the 2015 Photo Annual. Over the past couple summers Old Child has been pushing out more and more top quality edits, giving incredible focus to British Columbia rippers and in particle those in the Okanagan region around Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and etc. In particular, Daniel Holdsworth, Manu Duhamel, and Tristan Kodors. If we were doing a best of list right now, some of Old Child’s edits would definitely be included.

As this post is titled, Attack of The Dreads, we bring you two of Josh’s latest edits, Downpour and Red featuring Daniel Holdsworth and Manu Duhamel respectively. [Sorry Tristan, start working on that Jah hair!] Daniel is well known around Coast Longboarding, where I tend to lurk and got to know him, as a laid back, super friendly guy who enjoys skating pretty much everything and always has a smile on his face. I would have to say the same about Manu Duhamel, not to cut him short, but they’re kindread spirits of the best kind. Great people. [Okay, Tristan too, but still no dreads!] And as you can watch for yourself in the edits, they shred! Maybe it’s the dreadlocks, maybe it’s the chill vibes and good times of living in the Okanagan. I don’t know what’s in the water, but whatever the reason, you would be hard pressed to have a bad time around these guys or up in their hood. Additionally, these dudes are organizing outlaws and sanctioned races on the regular, so if you visit for the hills, you’ll likely find a crew and a race.

That’s it for now. Take 10 mins and check out Downpour and Red, you won’t be disappointed. And if you get the chance to skate with these dudes, or film with Old Child, don’t miss out.

Daniel Holdsworth – Downpour:


Daniel Holdsworth puts his Harfang Wheels to the test, skating some of Pentiction BCs steepest terrain in a soaking downpour.

He skates the rain away and proves the versatility behind Harfang wheels, check them out here | http://harfangwheels.com/

Skater | Daniel Holdsworth {sponsors} Freeride Boardshop | Harfang wheels | Hollowpoint labs | Restless longboards

Edit/Film | Josh Boehlke

Song | Jungle “drops”

– –

Manu Duhamel – Red:


Manu Duhamel skates some of Pentiction BCs most intense spots with to many potholes to count and road grades that will make a longboarder drool.

Song | Tom Rosenthal – “Red Red Red”

Edit|Film | Josh Boehlke

– –

Alright, bonus, but no dreads – Tristan Kodors – Past Teachings:

Taking his route through the north Okanagan and upward through British Colombia, Tristan Kodors moves like water on pavement defying the odds of peril.

“Be like Water”
Words From Bruce Lee.

Song | Santana “Shes not there”

Film|Edit | Josh Boehlke

– –

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