KNK Longboard Camp Week 1 Updates – Patrick Lombardi Wins Red Bull No Paws Down

The Knk longboard Camp presented by Kebbek Skateboards and put on by Big Mountain Skate has been popping off. KnK Week #1 took place from July 25th to July 30th and KnK Week #2 kicks off from August 2nd to August 8th, in the wildest part of Slovenia, Osilnica near Kočevje. Week 1 also included the Red Bull No Paws Down race and the Cult Single Set Survivors race will take place the second week. More details on the schedule and event here.

We’ve been lacking in coverage, but has been on site and putting our regular video and photo updates. Find more from them here. Later this week we’ll feature Mic’d up raw runs from Emily Pross and we’ve heard, US rider Ryka Mohammadian on Skate[Slate].TV.

Let’s get to it. Here’s Video recaps from Days 1 / 2/ 3 thanks to More photo and info here.

After five days of warming up on the Bear’s Guts, the riders were finally ready for Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship which took place on the last day of KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016. Watch a live stream with Emily Pross from the event on Red Bull Facebook.


From left to right: Ryka Mohammadian, Patrick Lombardi, Ian Freire. Photo by CK Photography

More details and a bunch of great photos here.

In the end, Ian Freire (Brazil) the 2015 Champion, was up against Patrick Lombardi (Italy), Ryka Mohammadian (USA) and Nico Gallmann (Switzerland), but was unsuccessful at defending the podium as Patrick Lombardi (Italy) took the top prize.


Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 podium. Photo by Brandon Desjarlais

Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship 2016 Results:

  1. Patrick Lombardi (Italy)
  2. Ryka Mohammadian (USA)
  3. Ian Freire (Brazil)
  4.  Nico Gallmann (Switzerland)

Thanks to CK Photography and Brandon Desjarlais for supporting photos!

More updates to come from KNK. Check in with for live streams and daily updates from KNK in Slovenia and editor Mihael Zadravec.

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