KNK Longboard Camp Midway Update With Kebbek’s Joey Bidner

Hey everyone! Joey Bidner here with a Week 1 KnK recap and an update on what’s to come!

What happens at KnK stays at KnK. Something many of the participants wish could be the case as week one proved to be completely wild. Before we get into the details of what many participants did which won’t be told to their mothers upon returning home, we will first update you on what happened on the track.

Let this gallery do much the talking from CK photography. Please step back from your computer, as drooling may result in electrocution from shorting out your keyboard.

If that wasn’t enough, we have a Skate Slate Tv video thanks to Emily Pross and Ryka Mohammadi as well for a Mic’d Up Run from the track:

After 5 days of freeride down this gnarly track, riders were prepped for the highly anticipated, Red Bull No Paws Down World Championship. Even though the track is intense to do without putting a hand down for all 18 corners, the race environment is very relaxed and fun due to the nature of the freeride from the previous days. This prompted people to enter from every skill level as a chance to try to level up and gain racing experience. 117 people entered from all over the world. You can watch the hot blooded action here on the live stream that was done straight from the track.


Red Bull No Paws Down 2016 podium. Photo by Brandon Desjarlais. 1st Patrick Lombardi (Italy) – Centre; 2nd Ryka Mohammadian (USA) – Left; 3rd Ian Freire (Brazil) – Right; Nico Gallmann (Switzerland) – Not pictured.

The finals were stacked and their run was very tight, filled with passing and bails.

Patrick Lombardi from Italy took home the €1000 cash. Ryka Mohammadian, traveling from California to compete took 2nd which won him €500 and Ian Freire (2015 champion) went home with €300. Everybody on the podium also walked away with a special trophy made every year by Fibretec Skateboards.

Check out the Skate Slate Week 1 Update here or Longboard Magazine’s on going daily updates here.


Kebbek really turned it up this year by introducing the Wheel of MISfortune to the after party. Those who were daring to spin the wheel got the chance to win epic prizes. Everything from boards, to free entry for KnK 2017. But in order to win, the wheel decides your task. Some pretty terrible things were witnessed on stage, everything from sticking vicious grip to a bare ass, to chugging horrible concoctions, and physical activities that resulted in pukeing… The Kebbek team even spun the wheel on themselves so the crowd could reap sweet revenge.

Week 2 is already under way! We’ll be back with more updates and more shared moments from the Wheel of MISfortune.

Week 2 – Day 1 video from

KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016 Week #2 Day #1 Video Recap from Longboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Everyone at Week #2 of KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016 arrived super hyped . Now it’s time for them to shred the Bear’s Guts, one of the finest freeride tracks in Europe. On monday, the arrival day, we had a bit of rain during the day and early evening, but next day we woke up into a sunny and fresh morning. The weather forecast for this week is outstanding, so expect more videos and rad shots.

Thanks for reading. That’s all for now!




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