Valkyrie Truck Co. // Setup Tips for Voxter Trucks

Valkyrie Truck Co has come out with one of the newer truck innovations on the more standard Reverse Kingpin design. Check out what Evan Aamodt has to say for some tips to setting up these trucks for optimal performance as he’s been designing and testing them.

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First if you’re not familiar with the Voxter, check it here:

Setup tip for Voxter: Use the Same Bushings BS/RS – Valkyrie Trucks


Voxter loads bushings differently than a typical reverse kingpin truck. We strongly recommend starting with the same duro bushings boardside & roadside.

Setup tip for Voxter: Use Hard Bushings – Valkyrie Trucks


If you’re over 130lbs (58KG) plan on using bushings 90a or harder in Voxter.

The setup in this video has 95/95a RipTide APS tall barrels up front and 97/97a RipTide APS tall barrels in the rear. I’m 170lbs.

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