venom keg bushings

Venom’s New HPF Tall Keg Bushings – Out Now!

Venom is hyped to introduce a new shape for trucks that use Tall Bushings. The ‘Keg’ shape is designed to give more progressive resistance and rebound than a barrel, but without the hard stop of a normal stepped bushing. The curved side profile provides extra meat while still fitting most bushing seats. Ideal for use on the board-side, especially if you want to go to a softer setup without losing stability. Just think of it as a barrel, but with that thicky-thicc-thicc as Nelly would say.


FAQ answers from the Venom Facebook:

Question 1: 
Rider KM:
“How could I benefit with using these in rogues? I have casts split 48/41”

The Keg bushing will restrict a bit of lean, helping prevent wheelbite in a more linear way than an eliminator shape. They extra width of the bushing will give you a more solid base and center when running Kegs boardside. Give ’em a shot and let us know what you think!

Question 2:
Rider JG:
“Could I make these shorter to fit standard size bushing trucks or should I just get elims.”

“You could definitely shave down some Kegs to meet standard bushing height.”

Question 3:
Rider RRA:
“Will they fit Kodiaks?”

“They fit any truck that utilizes tall (0.75″) bushings.”

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