Maryhill Race Camp 2016 // Skate School x Maryhill Ratz

The Maryhill Ratz and Skate School teamed up for the first ever Race Camp on the famous Maryhill Loops Road. The Camp was headed by Skate School Director Joe Lehm with assistant coaches Robin McGuirk, Emma Daigle, Matt Kienzle, Louis Pilloni and Max Capps. Everyone challenged themselves to take their riding to the next level, take the hill from the top with no braking and to get comfortable riding close to other riders at speed. Based on all of the positive feedback we got, we’ll be back next year to do it again!

Find out more about the Race Camp here.

Watch one of the Ratz and Race Camp participants Nora Manger flex her downhill skills. Nwest Media took a run with Nora at the maryhill RVOD g-ride, heres what came out of it! Nora is a true up and comer always progressing her DH skills. its been a pleasure watching her gain skills and get better over the years, while riding at maryhill.


Find out more about the Race Camp here.