KNK Longboard Camp Week 2 Updates – Andreas Mangold Wins Cult Single Set Survivor

The Knk longboard Camp presented by Kebbek Skateboards and put on by Big Mountain Skate has been epic. KnK Week #1 took place from July 25th to July 30th and KnK Week #2 from August 2nd to August 8th, in the wildest part of Slovenia, Osilnica near Kočevje. Week 1 also included the Red Bull No Paws Down race and the Cult Single Set Survivors race took place the second week. More details on the schedule and event here.

We’ve been focused on Central Mass 7 here in North America, but Longboardmagazine.eu has been on site and holding it down with regular video and photo updates. Find more from them here.

It’s amazing to see all the riders having fun and some of the beginners making huge progress. Bear’s Guts ran daily from eleven in the morning util six in the evening and the crew delivers around 10 runs per day per rider on average, even though there’s 247 registered riders. Let’s get to it! Here’s Video recaps from Week #2 [so far] thanks to longboardmagazine.eu.

Week #2 Video Highlights:

There’s lots more of videos and photos coming out soon!

The Cult Single Set Survivors race took place on the fifth day of KebbeK KnK Longboard Camp 2016. With everyone all ready to rock, they had “race to qualify” on the Bear’s Guts and then 64 riders competed in the race.


In Semi-Finals we had two heats, Florian FellnerPedro DedererAndreas Mangold and Jano Just racin in the first and Jan DedererMatthew ElverDominic Schenk and Patrick Lombardi in the second.

These guys were “on fire”! After skating the Bear’s Guts for 5 days, running in average 10 runs per day, they figured out all the best lines and perfected their slides and footbrakes.

Andreas MangoldFlorian FellnerDominic Schenk and Jan Dederer progressed in to the Final heat which was simply amazing to watch. At Corner 8 we streamed the run live showing Andreas leading the pack towards the finish line, which was moved to a Corner 18 making it even more challenging for everyone.

Andreas Mangold managed to stay on the first place and won Cult Single Set Survivors 2016. Florian Fellner 2ndDominic Schenk 3rd and Jan Dederer 4th. Congratulations!


Andreas Mangold, 1st place @ Cult Single Set Survivors 2016


  1. Andreas Mangold
  2. Florian Fellner
  3. Dominic Schenk
  4. Jan Dederer

Complete results are available via Google Docs.

Week #2 riders also got to spin the Kebbek Wheel of Misfortune. More on that here.

Special thanks to Alex Ireton (Newton’s Shred Longboard Shop) for running the race smoothly on top and Nadim Burkan (KnK co-organiser) for taking care of the results on the finish line. The whole organisation crew did a massive and great job. Thank you all!

We also need to give a huge shout out to Mihael Zadravec for so many weeks of events and coverage. Want to check out Mihael’s “office view” at KnK on Corner 8? Pretty epic! But definitely a battle to get all this content to the world from the side of Bear’s Guts!! Thanks Mihael, you killed it!!

Mikhael's "Office"

Mikhael’s “Office”

More updates to come from KNK. Check in with Longboardmagazine.eu for live streams and daily updates from KNK in Slovenia and editor Mihael Zadravec.

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