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Red Bull – No Paws Down Coverage – KnK Longboard Camp

We’ve been covering Knk Longboard Camp in Slovenia. Check week 1 here. Red Bull came out for week 2 and took over the Four kilometres at 85kph, 18 hairpins, and a 14 percent gradient for a no hands down [No Paws!] allowed race. 

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The rules of the race were quite simple, according to longboarder Rob McWhinnie. “The first two riders to reach the bottom advance into the next round and if the duck tape on your palms shows any signs of sliding with your hand, you’re out!”

It’s a stand up race, which makes it technically very demanding. – Rob McWhinnie

By late afternoon on a hot summer Saturday only four riders were still standing in the game.

It was all or nothing for the finalists Ian Freire (Brazil), Nico Gallman (Switzerland), Ryka Mohammadian (USA) and Patrick Lombardi (Italy).

Five minutes, 18 gnarly slides, and a group-crash later it was young Italian Lombardi who came in victorious, followed by Mohammadian in second and last year’s winner Freire in third.

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