Utah Downhill With DB Longboards’ Sean Woolery

DB Longboards team rider Sean Woolery has a new feature on their blog [always lots of great new content! Check it out here.] with a new video and some rad photos by fellow Utahan, Doug Toleman, featuring some local spots in Utah. We recently covered the Utah Scene in a report by Doug here.

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Peep some of the photos and find out whether Sean prefers Pizza or Cheeseburgers [both, right?!] and then head to DB Longboards blog for the full meal deal of photos and words

Q. What were you riding?

A. Keystone 39″, with Cloud Ride Wheels Storm Chasers, 50/45 Aera k4’s and venom bushings.

Q. Who took the photos?

A. Doug Toleman! He’s a salt lake local and an awesome guy to skate with and an amazing photographer.

Q. Where were the photos taken?

A. All of these photos were taken in park city Utah, it’s a little ski town that I grew up in after moving from LA when I was really young.

Q. What is the longboard scene in Utah like?

A. The Utah scene is great, especially in slc their are a lot of really cool people that have been in the game for a long time, although up in park city it’s just myself and fellow loc Robbie Chesne who I’ve known and been skating with for a very long time. Their are always new hills that we find so it keeps park city pretty fresh as far as spots go. [Learn more about Utah Downhill in a report from Doug Toleman here.]

Q. What are your plans for the rest of summer?

A. Currently driving to northern Utah with Robbie for a camping/skate mission then ill be taking a road trip back to Santa Barbara to visit all the homies.

Q. What is your favorite part about the Keystone?

A. I really dig everything about the keystone from the construction to the subtle but really effective features, I’ve gone through a lot of boards just trying to find what I like over the past few years and I can confidently say the keystone39 and ridge really take the cake. [Read more about the Keystone here.]

Q. Pizza or cheeseburgers? And why?

A. I’ve gotta go with pizza, mainly because of Davanzas Pizza in Park City. If you know you know.


Get more from Sean and Doug on the DB Blog here.