Bonzing Wallpaper Wednesday: MC Cats, New Ad, And Alex Sucala Go Speed

The shapers and artists from Oakland, California are back with another instalment of ocular enjoyment and have a beautiful photograph of their team ripping in Northern California, as well as an Ad they’ve developed to help better connect the gear to the moment. Finally, we’ve added a video of Bonzing rider Alex Sucala we found and he rips, so you should check it out.

Wallpaper Wednesday Photo:
Team rider Adrian Da Kine and Alex Sucala ripping the amazing mountains of Northern California. They are both riding the MC Cat board. The high resolution photograph can be found here and the Instagram size here.


We are excited to start offering you some advertisements to connect our media with our products!


Go speed! | Sucala Raw Run:
Found on the Skylar Hunter channel, Alex has Go Speed!

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