Factory Talon 37 | Subsonic Skateboards

The Talon 37 is one of our new additons to our lineup. We’ve put together a short product video to provide you more detail on the unique drop deck. #skatesubsonic


Talon 37:

A newer addition to the downhill lineup, the Talon has been redesigned from the pushing realm to better suit the downhill drop fanatics. With a 1.25 inch drop and tapered concave, it’s built for dialed accuracy and downhill comfort. The wedge/dewedge system allows greater adjustability with your current trucks, providing greater stability with improved handling when cornering or sliding. A couple of added features are the rear kick and front claw; the rear kick for easy handling before or after a run, and the front claw for easily gripping the nose for stability while sliding.


Length: 37″
Width: 9 3/4″ to 9 1/4″
Drop: 1 1/4″
Concave: 5/8″ Taper to 1/2″
Wheelbase: 27 3/4″
Foot Platform: 23″
Front Angle: +12°
Back Angle: -12

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.55.12 PM

More about the Talon 37: