Loaded Boards | Giants Head Freeride 2016 VR Experience

Giants Head Freeride is one of the greatest North American longboarding events out there! We were stoked to be able to have so many of our Ambassadors attending this years Freeride, so we decided to try and make the most of it by using our 360 Camera rig.


Unfortunately, this will be the last project we do with this rig. Not that it wasn’t great, but we have recently come into possession of a newer, more powerful and efficient 360 Camera system! Keep your eyes peeled for more 360 VR content from Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels!

Soooo, enjoy an Orangatang Wheels team raw run as well! 2 for 1 all in one post, thanks to Loaded and Orangatang

Jump in the middle of a hefty pack run down the infamous Giants Head Freeride! Ethan Cochard buttboards and holds the camera in between all of the Loaded/Orangatang Ambassadors while dodging crashes, gracefully capturing footbrakes, and obliviously evades dangerous collisions from behind.

Alex Gibbison, Kurtis Dawe, Camilo Cespedes, Miguel Azanza, Jarrid Lopez, Zachary James Lecker, Manu Duhamel, Steven Vera, Sho Ouellette

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