Zach Keller Interview: Making Moves In California

Zach Keller recently made the skater dream move to Southern California and into Skate House. #Lifegoals. while not everyone thinks the same way, for the skate rat, this provides an ultimate opportunity to lurk, skate and enjoy in sunny California where not only the local (and transplant) homies are abundant, but there’s an endless wave of travellers looking to hit the hills and have fun.

With the move, Zach was in a prime spot to get out in front of Max Dubler’s camera and he ended up getting the Skate House pages feature in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 30. If you haven’t seen the magazine, have a look at the photo and get your hands on a copy! As a bonus, we managed to score a raw run with Zach as well, thanks to Marco Ferreira!

Turns out Zach is also making moves with his decks and will be riding Landyachtz Longboards now. Zach hit us back with some A’s to our Q’s. And away we go…

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Hey Zach, thanks for the video! Give us some basics? Full name, age, instagram, and do you Tindergram?

Hey les thanks so much for the opportunity, my name is Zach Keller, I’m 20 years young now and Instagram is @keller_skatephx


Dubler Photo

Where you living these days? You just moved to Skate House right? But you’re not from California?

Im originally from Concord, California, but I grew up skating on Phoenix, Arizona. Ive been living at the Skatehouse since March of this year I lived there the summer of 2015 and since I loved Los Angeles so much I decided to come back for good and work at Landyachtz Longboards down in Gardena.

How does home skating compare to the new surroundings?

Skating back in Phoenix is super rad I still love it even though is crazy hot most of the year but it is very good to get to explore new terrain with new people that’s what I’m all about!


Adam Astor Photo

Is there anything you miss outside skating?

That’s a hard one my whole life has been skating for a while now but I always keep a good balance between responsibility sand skateboarding in my life.

What brought you to California?

What initially brought me out here was Alex Ameen‘s room was for rent at the Skatehouse so I hopped on that and quickly met Pat Schep who help get me a job at Landyachtz Longboards.


Jeff Suchy Photo

Seems a few of the homies have been making the move to CA?

Yes some friends from Arizona for sure and my buddy Alex Colorito just made the move I’m super stoked for them!!

Had you Skate House visited much before moving there?

I came to skatehouse last may for the first timeout was super cool to come and meet everyone and skate.

Whats the vibe like at Skate House these days compared to the past memories?

Things at Skatehouse are as good as ever some faces have gone and new one have come and there all rad. I’m just really stoked to live with people who share the same passion and we can all go out and have fun together.


Zach in Skate House Pages – Skate[Slate] magazine Issue 30 – Dubler Photo

Dubler seems to be holding it down still, you got a 2 page spread in issue 30 for the Skate House Pages. What can you tell me about the photo and how it went down?

Max has been holding it down for a longtime now as official Skatehouse dad he’s a rad dude and in super glad he is around. The day we took the photo was awesome we had the bear van out in Malibu with the whole crew. Max went down first and was standing on top of the van to take the shot and it came out great!

And what about the raw run we just featured? Whats the story?

This run was filmed a little while ago but it was kind of spontaneous. We were just out skating and my good buddy Marco [Ferreira] decided to pull out the camera. It ended up being super sick and a great opportunity.

Is life all wake and skate, repeat, these days? What do you do other than roll down hills?

My life is full of skating I wake up in the morning and go to work at Landyachtz then when I’m off I usually go straight out to Malibu to hitch runs. And the weekends are filled with exploring new spots around Los Angeles.

What’s an ideal skate day like? Wake up and… do what, with who, where?

Ideal skate day would be to wake up and get some breakfast from the classic grill by Skatehouse then go out with the bear van to Malibu and skate all day long until sundown!

Blake Freechtle Photo

Blake Freechtle Photo

Favorite people to skate with?

I would have to say Kalil Hammouri, Camilo Cespedes they make fun out of everything and push me to skate harder.

How about skate trips? I know you just got to the Coast, but plans to explore?

I plan to travel as much as possible. First on the list is North Carolina, Columbia , and Canada. Can’t wait to get out there and shred with some locals.

Favorite spot you’ve ever skated?

My favorite road on the planet hides in a super top secret location in Utah. It’s the best road ever!

What about the, if I had all the time and money and could skate anywhere spot? Where to?

If I had all that I would want to go Europe and explore everything it has to offer. Europe has always been a very big dream of mine and I hope I will get the chance to skate there someday.

What else is good? Other than raw runs? Do you have any edits in the works? or are videos more spontaneous?

I’m doing some new stuff with Skatehousemedia hopefully with be out soon. I’m really stoked on this one.

And you also just made the move to landyachtz longboards from longboard larry right? what brought that on?

Well, I work for Landyachtz and also ride there Hawgs Wheels and Bear Trucks, so it made sense to make the switch to bring it all together and closer to home. I really can’t thank Longboard Larry enough for everything they have done for me! Larry is awesome and I am very appreciative.

Zach Keller Left Squatter Panning

Dubler Photo

Thanks for taking the time to chat. Any last words? Sponsor shout outs? Thank you’s?

I want to say thank you to Longboard Larry, Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels for supporting me and helping me keep my dream alive. Thank you to Skate[Slate] for this opportunity and thank you to my mother who is the best most supportive skate mom a Kid could have!