Rogue Trucks Drops Updated Design – 160mm // 180mm

Rogue Trucks are still one of the newer designs to come out in adapting the cheaper cast trucks to a more performance oriented ‘precision’ or machined tolerances out of solid chunks of high grade aluminum, but have quickly been recognized as one of the best. Zak Maytum and the shredders on the Rogue team have put endless miles on these trucks and stood many a podium with them. The more expensive construction makes for a more expensive product, but you get a more durable, technically specific truck setup with an overall unparalleled performance to cast.

Purists will still cry ‘Cast Is Fast’… and it is. Trucks alone won’t make you the rider any more proficient at skating by themselves. But, when setup for your riding, they will make your setup perform most capably, having a higher base level of material quality and manufacturing tolerances. They will also let you tweak you gear more uniquely to your wants and needs – potentially giving you more confidence to perform your best. This cast vs precision argument could get played out, and has been, forever, so just take it to the comments! Cast purists aside, if you’re into performance parts like many of us, check out the Rogue updates and if you haven’t tried some precision trucks, we recommend Rogue as a great product to get going with.

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Here at Rogue Trucks, we took feedback from the community and our team riders to make adjustments and updates to the tried and true Rogue design. We left the trusted Rogue geometry alone, keeping the insert bushing concept and 2mm of rake to keep the riding experience consistent and smooth.

Rogue 2.0 00



First thing we updated, was a chamfer in the insert bushing seat. Taking a minute amount of material out of the bottom of the insert bushing seat allows easier assembly and disassembly of the truck with less contact from the kingpin.


The second update comes from a weight saving perspective. Rogue most consistent complaint was how heavy an assembled truck weighed. We took this to heart and made adjustments to lighten the truck without compromising the strength that Rogue is known to have with a wing-cut in the baseplate, and reliefs in the hanger.



Now available in 160mm and 180mm hanger widths, with 50*, 43*, 30*, and 15* baseplate options. More details here.